A revocation or termination from Medicare, Medicaid, or a commercial insurance company’s provider network likely means that your business or livelihood is on the line. As with enforcement actions in general, revocations and terminations are ramping up around the country. Federal law allows for reciprocal sanction authority whereby a provider whose enrollment is revoked by Medicare can also be revoked by Medicaid (and vice versa). Upon learning of a provider’s revocation by Medicare or Medicaid, commercial insurance carriers may also possess the authority to terminate that provider’s contract. These “ripple effects” can have devastating consequences for a provider’s business.

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Our experienced healthcare attorneys know what’s at stake if you’re facing a revocation or termination. We have a deep understanding of the rules and processes that can be used to aggressively contest the revocation or termination of your Medicare, Medicaid, or commercial insurance billing privileges. And we have successfully defended providers across the country against adverse actions affecting their enrollment in government-sponsored and commercial insurance plans.

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