The intricate web of laws and rules that affect providers adds a layer of complexity to healthcare transactions that isn’t present in many other industries. Because of this, providers (or prospective providers) may need more than a general commercial transactions attorney to help them buy or sell a business or draft a contract. There are numerous regulations – ranging from enrollment and credentialing rules to reimbursement requirements – that could impact your deal. Providers contemplating a healthcare-related transaction should work with attorneys who understand how their transactions work within the industry and regulatory landscape as a whole.

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Our experienced team of healthcare transaction attorneys represents all types of providers to guide them through all aspects of entity formation, corporate governance, due diligence, sales, mergers, and acquisitions.

We also negotiate, draft, and advise clients on all types of agreements, ranging from employment contracts to purchase agreements to third-party biller contracts to management services organization (MSO) agreements. If you are contemplating a transaction or need a contract drafted or reviewed, contact one of our attorneys today to request a consultation.

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